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The Over-The-Hill Community Development Foundation is a nonprofit organization led by people like you. Generous, civic-minded people who love this country and want to see it overcome its many challenges and progress. 


But we know that our country cannot progress if we leave people behind.  We believe that every human being deserves a shot at a decent life

and opportunities, regardless of

where they’re from.  


Who we are

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There is a lot of need in The Bahamas. Many people struggle to meet life’s basics – food, adequate housing, and the means to earn a decent living.

Nowhere in the country is this struggle greater than in the Over-The-Hill community. 

Our foundation is dedicated to rebuilding the historic Over-The-Hill community and the lives of the folks who live there. Not just for today but for generations to come.

We focus on Over-The-Hill because we believe that community is too special and significant to our country to be neglected and forgotten.

The story of Over-The-Hill is so much more than the struggle of a typical inner-city neighbourhood.  At its heart, the Over-The-Hill story is about Bahamian history, pride, and accomplishment.

Over-The-Hill is a heritage village of extreme historical importance.  It is the place that gave birth to many of The Bahamas’ most influential leaders, educators, and activists.

Bahamian heritage matters to us.  The founders of the Over-The-Hill community gave this country so much. We should honour them by not allowing the community that was their home to be a ghetto.  After all, their legacy is our legacy.

The Over-The-Hill community should matter to all who love and live in this country.  It tells a vital part of the Bahamian story and history so we must preserve it.

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