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About the Over-The-Hill Community

The Over-the-Hill (OTH) community is the inner city area of Nassau, Bahamas. Historically settled by freed slaves in the mid-nineteenth century, it is a black community on the southern side of a ridge that borders downtown Nassau. 

Geographically, OTH comprises the Bain Town and Grant’s Town communities and is commonly characterized as the area enclosed by Nassau Street at the west, Collins Avenue at the east, Delancy Street at the north and Wulff Road at the south.

The OTH community is known for its rich history, culture, and deep familial roots that have significantly contributed to the development and culture of The Bahamas. Many prominent Bahamian heroes were born and raised within the community.

Today, the OTH community faces significant challenges that threaten its heritage and well-being, including high rates of crime, poverty, and poor living conditions, which contribute to deteriorating health and negative social impacts for its residents.

About the Over-The-Hill Community Development Foundation

The Over-the-Hill Community Development Foundation (OTHCDF) provides grant funding to applicants that seek to implement community development projects and initiatives that will positively impact the OTH area.

Any Bahamian citizen or resident 18 years or older or any Bahamian organization is welcome to submit a grant proposal. The applicant does not have to reside within the community. A grant must be applied for a community development initiative or project that addresses one of the following areas:

Social empowerment

Economic empowerment


Smart technology

Green technology

Youth and Elderly Empowerment

The range of grant funding awarded is $3,000 - $10,000.

Grant applications can be found here

Once an application is submitted during a grant cycle period, the proposal will be reviewed by the grant proposal committee.


Communication will be made with the applicant if successful and grant funding will be provided in phases following the execution of a Grant Agreement signed by the applicant and OTHCDF.

How you can help?

Donations in any amount are welcome by anyone to support the Foundation’s work to empower the OTH community and residents.

Contact us

For any further questions, contact can be made with the

OTHCDF Board of Directors at

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