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Community Challenges

The Over-The-Hill story is an integral part of The Bahamas’ story.  It is truly a national treasure.  But the level of deterioration that has taken place in this once charming and dignified community is heartbreaking.  The people of the community face many challenges such as poverty, crime, and poor living conditions.



Over-The-Hill is one of the poorest places in the entire country.  Every day is a struggle for the people who live there. When you walk around the area, which is home to roughly 40,000 people, the despair and disrepair you see are staggering.  Unemployment levels are alarming.  One community leader summed it up this way, “For every 100 employment-age residents you meet, five may be working.” Residents feel forgotten and hopeless.


Much of the violent crime in New Providence is concentrated in the Over-The-Hill area. This crime is primarily fueled by the despair and heart-hardening experiences that have shaped many residents' attitude.   Dejection is in the air.  The people who live in the Over-The-Hill community are hurt and feel forgotten.


The community which once represented hope and achievement is now a place filled with hopelessness, spirit-crushing poverty, garbage, and violence.  Many people don't have electricity or running water in their homes.  They simply cannot afford these essential services.  Many houses are dilapidated and unsuitable for people to live in.

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