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All about Over-the-Hill

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The Over-The-Hill story is a vital part of The Bahamas’ story.  Founded by freed African slaves in the 1800s, its establishment represented achievement and progress.  The Over-The-Hill area became the hub of post-slavery life for Africans in New Providence and the core of their educational, social, and cultural awakening as black Bahamians.


Located just South of Nassau’s city centre, the community was undoubtedly named “Over-The-Hill” because you have to go over New Providence’s main ridge system and down into the valley on the other side to get to it.


Anecdotally, the area referred to as Over-The-Hill might have expanded over time, but historically the community is bordered by School Lane to the north, Collins Wall to the east, Nassau street to the west, and Wulff Road to the south. The settlements of Bain and Grants town are the most well-known areas in the community and have arguably become synonymous with the area.

“The People of the Over-The-Hill community built

The Bahamas”

Rosemary Hanna, writer, historian,

Over-The-Hill descendant.

Many of the families that were once (and in some ways still are) the backbone of The Bahamas were born and bred in the Over-The-Hill community and their sons and daughters went on to become some of the most accomplished and noteworthy Bahamians in modern history.  They used their lives to shape The Bahamas into the country it is today. 


The list of Bahamians who aspired to and achieved greatness despite humble beginnings Over-The-Hill is long and impressive.  It is the place that gave birth to many of The Bahamas’ most influential leaders, educators, and activists.


Because of its backstory, the Over-The-Hill community is of extreme historical importance.  Many of the cultural movements that bring us pride, joy, and the goat-skin drum’s deep beat climbed into our hearts from Over-The-Hill. It is a community that shaped this country like no other.   But the level of deterioration that has taken place in this once charming and dignified community is heartbreaking.


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