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How you can help

With the challenges that our country and economy face, the government has fewer and fewer dollars to put into community development.  But community development is needed now more than ever.  The benefits that come through development are needed by the Over-The-Hill community more than anyplace else. 

The country and the people of Over-The-Hill need people like you, who care, and who want to give back by picking up the torch because they understand that the government cannot carry it alone. Every day the situation in the Over-The-Hill Community gets worse. The people get more desperate, and the buildings get more dilapidated. Will you consider making a gift today? 


By donating to the grant-making work of our foundation, you support initiatives that will:

  • Help hungry people in the community buy food to feed themselves and their families by improving their access to employment and income opportunities

  • Create cleaner, healthier, and safer surroundings for residents by removing the trash and derelict cars that deface and devalue the area

  • Provide residents with access to decent and more affordable housing

  • Get rid of the rats that run rampant and protect vulnerable residents from rodent-borne disease

  • Empower community leaders to drive progress and gain buy-in from members of the community

  • Provide residents with access to entrepreneurial opportunities

  • Encourage business ownership or expansion within the community

  • Transform the Over-The-Hill community into a moneymaking tourist attraction that will benefit not only Over-The-Hill residents but also the entire country

  • Honour the legacy of the Bahamians who emerged from Over-The-Hill to profoundly shape and propel this country 

  • Help to restore the history and pride that Bahamians have for the Over-The-Hill community

  • Protect the heritage of The Bahamas

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